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Quotes Hello William, Sorry for not being there to see the finished product when you guys finished. But the shed looks great I am very happy with it. I have a few friends/family that I will be sending your way. Thank you again much better than any Home Depot/Lowes sheds I could buy. Great job!!!! Quotes
Scott Petersen
San Jose

Quotes Hi William, everyone who has seen the shed liked it very much. I will recommend you to anyone who's in the market for a shed. Hope your Christmas was good, and wish you the very best in the coming year. Thanks, Dan Quotes
Dan Trotta

Quotes Thank you again for coming out to meet and brainstorm with me. You've been professional, friendly, and timely, and I'll be recommending you to people I know! Have a great holiday season, Ginger Quotes

Quotes "Hi Pat, I'm really happy with the shed, great craftsmanship. I'm posting your business cards on our employee bulletin board, hopefully this will generate some business for your company. I'm also spreading the company's name by word of mouth." Thank you, Quotes
Kurt M. Kline, Staff Services Manager II
California Department of Education SACRAMENTO

Quotes "William built us a Wonderful Shed" Quotes
Rachel Collins- Livermore

Tony Veras
Santa Cruz

Quotes " The best shed ever was the best choice ever!!!" Quotes

Quotes I would like to thank you for the excellent job you recently did for us building our shed. The design blended well with our home, and we were well pleased with the construction quality. I was most impressed with your work ethic. Your commitment to accomplish the job by the date you stated was evidenced by you working in the cold, rainy weather for 2 days straight. It's apparent "your word" means something, and you value customer service, I enjoyed meeting you and appreciated your easy manner and impressive professionalism. Quotes
Robert JJ - Half Moom Bay

Quotes Hello William,I hope you are doing a good business building nice sheds,I wanted to tell you that I finally got to print in the "darkroom" and what a treat it was, to have my own space with all my things in it!!I'll be finishing up the painting on the porch in the next couple weeks.When I do I'll send you some nice photos for your website. Thank you, Quotes
Robin Ruth
Bay Area

Quotes "I cannot say enough about how happy and satisfied I am with the shed William built for me and my husband. I was fortunate to be at home while he built it and I watched its evolution. Far more work went into this than we had anticipated due to its custom design. Our shed is the prettiest shed we have ever seen. I am a perfectionist but could not have done a better job myself (even if I knew how-which I don't!) It is so nice to know that there are still good business people out there who care enough about what they do to make a difference!!!" Quotes
Anita, Bay Area