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          FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

               FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Note: If you don't see a picture of a Storage Shed that you are looking for, this does not mean that we cannot change some of the features of our buildings to accommodate your particular specifications. For example, if you were going to make one of our sheds into a machine shop and needed additional reinforcements in the floor, we could add larger timbers or place them closer together. If you have an Idea you would like to incorporate into the project, just ask us!

Q: Do I need a cement pad or gravel for you to build a shed?

A: No. Bare ground is just fine with us. Adding gravel makes the work site more manageable for us, as well as making it look aesthetically nice, but is an unnecessary expense for the home owner. If you are going to lay cement on the foundation of your shed, consult us first so that we can give you the exact specifications for your cement contractor.

Q: How far do you level your sheds?

A: We level up to 6 inches for free. That includes the cement blocks that go underneath the building. After the first 6 inches, we charge $5 per inch after that.
We have build sheds that were 5 feet out of level! (Footings)

Q: Does your shed come with a floor?

A: Yes, our sheds come finished with a 3/4 Tongue & Groove OSB  Heavy-duty floor.  The joists under the plywood are 16 inches apart for a very sturdy floor.

Q: How big of a shed can I build?

A: In State of California, in most Cities you are allowed to build a structure of 120 square feet without a building permit.(That's a 10x12 unit).

Always check with your local building inspector to find out about local zoning requirements for your location.

Some areas have covenant restrictions that only allow for one size of a shed, so it is important to know the law in your area.

Q: How far do I need to place the shed from my fence line?

A: Best Shed Ever installers need a minimum of  2(two) feet on all sides of the structure to build. If you are unsure about your local laws regarding setbacks, contact your local building department and they will tell you what the setbacks are.

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