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Special Instructions:

We consider this information vital to a successful


Thank you for your attention to the details on

this information. These guidelines minimize any potential problem.


*A minimum of two(2) feet of clearance around and above your building is required,

If building is over 160sq feet in floor area, four(4) feet is required.

*The site has to be clear and level within six(6) inches. Sites out of level and/or not clear, will result in delays and/or additional charges due at the time of installation.

*Access to electricity has to be within 100(one hundred) feet, or additional charge will apply. 

*Access to the site has to be clear,reasonably wide and flat.

A step path will result in delays and/or additional charges.

*Most of our units won't go against any structure. If a Shed needs to be moved, please discuss it prior installation with builder.

*Majority of cities allows us to build a Storage Shed without a permit up to 120sq feet in floor area.

Please check if a permit is required in your area.(If building permit is required, the whole process and fees will be the home owner responsibility.)

*If HOA is establish, all restrictions have to be presented before the purchase of a unit.




 Because the weather doesn't always play fair, please remember that your schedule date may need to be changed due to inclement weather!







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